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By hagrin - Posted on 03 September 2006

Sorry for the somewhat slow updates, but as I nurse what seems to be a stress fracture in my root foot, I have started a new project -, powered by Wiki technology, will provide the gaming industry the most comprehensive and informative information concerning the Nintendo Wii - my personal pick to come out the "real" winner in the next generation console wars. With superior innovation, a low price, great games and "just enough" computing power, the Nintendo Wii should provide its owners with a unique gaming experience and we're hoping to help owners and potential buyers find the information they need about their system. Although still in the early stages and much of the information mirrors what is already on Wikipedia, should end up being a valuable resource to the console gaming community. Once we get all the relevant information up and indexed, we'll start working on non-Wiki functionality such as applications (homebrew code), news scraping (because all the cool kids are doing it these days) and building a real Wii community.