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How To: Legally Update Your Windows XP Product Key

By hagrin - Posted on 21 August 2006

So, after quite a few months of dealing with "Your copy of Windows may not be Genuine", I finally decided to apply my newly obtained, legal Windows XP product key to my home system. After a quick Google search on how to apply the key, I realized I was in for a major problem - my system has already been patched to Service Pack 2.

Almost all of the tools that you will find in a quick Google Search will not work on SP2 patched systems or are more geared towards providing you with a product key. Since I had a legal product key through MSDN, I wanted the cleanest solution possible. I found that Microsoft has created their own Product Key patching tool that works extremely flawlessly and effortlessly. By following that link, you'll be prompted to download an executable called KeyUpdateTool.exe which, with just a few clicks and a valid XP key, will allow you to change your product key. One word of note - you will need to reboot to have this change take effect.

Hope this helps someone looking for a legal solution to changing their key.