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Test from the LIRR

By hagrin - Posted on 07 August 2006

Well, I have to say that I am highly impressed with my Blackberry's ability to post new content to my new Drupal CMS. The Drupal developers should be commended for creating a highly functional, yet easy to use mobile interface.

The most impressive functionality has to be the taxonomy dropdowns. I was skeptical that they would work on my Blackberry, but after selecting the dropdown you are prompted with a "Change Option" choice. After selecting that option, you are then technically navigating only the dropdown options. In order to allow users the ability to select multiple dropdown values, checkboxes appear to the left of each value. This functionality really demonstrates how SELECT tags are actually rendered separately from the rest of the page's HTML (you may have noticed this when your dropdowns rendered on top of DHTML menus.

So, my first mobile blog post seems to be a success (although I just noticed that posting markup might prove difficult if not impossible). Once I get the redesign completely done, expect more mobile posts in order to utilize my commute time.