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Blog Clutter and SEO

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Rachel at Cre8d-Design has a great post concerning blog cluuter or "noise" when dealing with social bookmarking applications. The new trend seen on many blogs is to include a whole bunch of links to the bottom of their posts so that users can add their stories easily to social bookmarking sites.

Obviously, there are some pros and cons for this inclusion. First the pros could be seen as:

  • Additional functionality for the user especially those without bookmarklet functionality installed into their browsers.
  • Ability to specify the most appropriate tags and description for your post by defining them in your custom link back to the social bookmarking site.
  • Potentially increased web traffic as your stories are bookmarked more frequently.

There are definitely benefits to including these links on your site. However, what are the drawbacks? Some of the drawbacks (some pointed out by Rachel) include:

  • Not all users even know what a social bookmarking site is. Although is a tech blog, there is a substantial amount of readers who come here who aren't technical or up-to-date with every Web 2.0 social community site. Therefore, having a link (like I currently do) that says "Add to" may seem confusing and will increase the noise on a site.
  • If you include textual links back to these bookarmking sites, you run the risk of substantially lowering your keyword density for the terms you want to rank highly in search engines.

The arguments for and against are both extremely valid and really do show the current power of social bookmarking really needs to be balanced by good design and solid SEO principles. I will evaluate how I will use social bookmarking here on over the next few days.