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Internet Hype and its Value

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

I recently added Reddit as one of my RSS feeds and it finally paid off with an interesting article. Jakob Nielsen wrote an article, "Hyped Web Stories Are Irrelevant", which talks a lot about the Web 1.0 and the current Web 2.0 "bubbles" and how much of the discussion matter being discussed daily really plays no major role in the shaping of the Internet's future. He uses Google's share price, AOL's potential mergers and the power of bloggers versus mainstream media as examples of overhyped stories.

This article really had me thinking about the merit of posting news like I currently do as opposed to just focusing on a service that will provide real benefit to the community. Since there are places like Digg, Slashdot and others, do readers really need another tech blog that offers only marginal insight into current tech stories being discussed around the web? What should the real purpose of be in the long run?

Tom (z6) and myself have been throwing around ideas for quite a while to expand the services of and article like this really opens up my eyes as to the real value of the web - information through services. It's not enough to offer up information (i.e. like WikiPedia who is steadliy becoming the online encyclopedia of choice), but to provide a service that is wrapped around that information. needs to shift its business model into this frame of thinking so any ideas or suggestions are welcome.