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April Fools Over - Internet Restored

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Well, with the madness that it is always April Fools Day on the Internet, it's nice to have everything back to normal today and some real information and news coming through my RSS feeds again. The worst performance on April Fools Day has to go to Slashdot for their over-the-top, you killed the joke the first three times rendition of trying to act like 14 yar old girls on MySpace. About the only funny thing they did all day was change their layout to pink, but even that was played after a few hours.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed their day off from actually using the Internet for information (well, and pr0n) and let's get back to business. This week should have the new corporate web site I have been building released so it should be a big week for me. Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend.