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Best April's Fools Joke - Google Romance

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Hahaha, you have to love Google sometimes. Google announced that they have released Google Romance. In my morning daze, I forgot that today was April Fool's until I saw the following underneath the right side box:

"Post multiple profiles with a bulk upload file, you sleaze."

Hahah, I seriously lost it at 9am on a Saturday morning (waking up my brother I think). But the jokes don't end there! In the FAQ, Google writes:

Then we'll send you both on a Contextual Date, which we'll pay for while delivering to you relevant ads that we and our advertising partners think will help produce the dating results you're looking for.

And of course, if you actually tried to upload a profile, well, you received the extremely funny "Profile Upload Rejected" error message. That error message made me think back to the movie Clerks ...

"No time for love Dr. Jones."