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Google Analytics Released

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

Google has released Google Analytics which offers webmasters a free website statistical counter. The service is written in Flash and comes with a slick AJAX interface. To successfully implement Google Analytics on your site, Google will provide you with a few lines of JavaScript code that needs to be included on every page you would like Google to track. One of the better features included with this release is the ability to allow other users differing levels of access to your reports. Therefore, site administrators can easily control the security and privacy of their site's information.

For a free service, this offering comes at the perfect time as my host wanted to charge me an additional 5 dollars a month for insecure and incomplete web statistics through Wusage.

However, there are two issues that need to be addressed - 1) Linux users and the inclusion of Flash and 2) those who use modded third party solutions will need to constantly re-mod their applications (for me, phpBB will need to be modded for Analytics tracking). But I won't be complaining since you "get what you pay for". I, for one, welcome Google Analytics and has saved me $60 per year.