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Why to Hate Google

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

I'm all for the occassional rant, but Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Watch does a great job of not only diagnosing problems, but also offering solutions to many of them. Danny's list has 25 points of which I agree with every single one of them. Even with all these points, I'm still impressed every day by Google's efforts although there is definitely room for improvement.

Danny's point about customer service cannot be echoed enough by me. There is a real "cloak and dagger" atmosphere when it comes to AdSense and AdWords support very few answers actually get passed back to the user and for non-paid applications, there is basically no support. I find it amazing that a huge corporation like Google really doesn't have the customer service staff that other companies its size does. Great read - definitely go visit Danny's article.

On the flip side, Danny offers his 25 reasons to love Google as well - can't have nothing but hate mongering going on! Of his 25 love points, I really saw a lack of in-depth explanations or comparisons against competing sites, etc. which makes me believe this was the fluff piece to release his much more interesting and relevant hate piece without being seen as a Google basher (Danny has great contacts in the industry and he wisely doesn't just go shooting from the hip without trying to ease the blow). Definitely two interesting pieces that when compared side-to-side show Google's current market dominance and areas where they can eventually improve and grow.