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Cisco PIX Firewall Capture Tutorial

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

In what can only be described as desperately needed, Computer Networking Help has posted a great tutorial on how to use the capture command for Cisco PIX firewalls. What is the capture command you ask? Well, many times you will want to "capture" the packets that flow on your network for analysis, intrusion detection, bandwith hogs, slowdowns, etc. and a packet sniffer is always needed. Instead of replicating all yrou traffic to a port so you can plug your laptop with Ethereal installation directly into a switch or firewall, the Cisco PIX IOS offers you its very own packet capturer.

If you are looking to run a network, this is a must read - even if you don't use Cisco PIX in your infrastructure. You would be surprised how many companies I have worked for that had networking guys that couldn't run a packet sniffer and even if they could, had no idea what they were actually looking at.