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Visual Basic - A Good Beginner Language?

By hagrin - Posted on 05 August 2006

Slashdot has a terrific discussion on the merits of Visual Basic as an introductory programming language. As a programmer who started off with Visual Basic, I would have to agree with the common sentiment at Slashdot that VB fails as a good introductory language. However, VB does have its uses in terms of teaching very basic and simple programming concepts, but at what cost? I know that in my own personal experience, I generated some poor coding habits after developing in VB for long extended periods of time where my coding time with C# was much more productive and "code worthy".

Memory usage and allocation are major issues with today's applications and one really must evolve past Object.Dispose and GC.Collect calls to really understand the subject. The limitations of VB are extensive and, like many other Slashdot posters, would suggest avoiding VB and dealing mainly with C# or C as a first language for newbie programmers.