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Issues with Google Mounting

By hagrin - Posted on 04 August 2006

Well, I've started to have my issues with Google (even though I will support them and recognize them as an industry leader right now). I have two major concerns that I want to address, but both have the same "mystery" theme.

Issue #1 stems from their non-disclosure and inability to easily determine the latest versions of their software. Currently, the have Desktop Search, Toolbar, Earth, Talk, Secure Access and other apps released to users (regardless of the beta tag), but each product's respective page doesn't state anything about current product version. How is a user supposed to know or be alerted that a new version of software they use has been updated? I've tried adding as many of the Google Blogs to my RSS Reader (not their Reader which has issues) and even setup Google News Alerts for new product information.

Issue #2 is directly related to their AdSense program. Google hides behind their "secret algorithm" for all explanations to their AdSense users which is inappropriate for an organization of this size. I had an issue that they refused to explain to me when I only had AdSense for less than 2 weeks. Well, Google will get theirs as I will now be using Yahoo! for more and more web content.